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jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Lot Us, Fleurs Rosées d'Amour...


Yun from Vanessa Whyte on Vimeo.

Short documentary film exploring Tianai Zhang's experience of leaving China to live in the UK, based on a poem by Xu Zhimo.

Director: Tianai Zhang
DoP: Vanessa Whyte
Sound: Jon Boothroyde
Editor: Lawrence Huck
Score: Jon Opstad
Online Editor: Alma Cazacu

Memorial stone for Xu Zhimo 

at King's, Cambridge 2008

Un sayonara
A une demoiselle japonaise
C’est d’abord cette chaleur, qui fait baisser la tête
Comme la fleur du lotus, qui se soumet au vent,
On dit un au revoir, et un autre au revoir,
Et tous ces au revoir sont pleins d’une tristesse sucrée.


A Sayonara,
To a young japanese lady
At first, it is this warmth, which makes one bow his head
Like a lotus flower, which submits to the wind
Say one take care, and another take care
And all those take care are full of sweet grief
Sayonara !

Xu Zhimo

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Pérégrination vers l'Est

Numerical Art by Jacqueline Waechter 2010

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